Swiss team Perret /Rios are winners of the 2nd International Mixed Doubles Trophy, Aarau

The Swiss team of Jenny Perret and Martin Rios have won the 2nd edition of the International Mixed Doubles Trophy in Aarau by winning 6:5 in the championship final against another Swiss side with Michele Jäggi and Mario Freiberger. 

The participants included 24 teams from 10 different countries - among others the reigning world champions Dorottya Palancsa and Zsolt Kiss from Hungary. In the game for third place Ursula Hegner and Felix Attinger played the strong Scottish side of Judith and Lee McCleary. The team from eastern Switzerland kept the better end for themselves with a narrow 8:7 victory. Also in the playoffs were two teams from Russia (Moiseeva/Dron and Gusieva/Ali), a team from Hungary (Szekeres/Nagy) and another Swiss team (Müller/Müller).

Livestreaming of a selection of games on CCT Livestream 

Updated results and rankings
Swiss team wins 1st International Mixed Doubles International Trophy, Aarau 

The Swiss Team with Doris Hümbelin and Daniel Gubler has won the 1st Mixed Doubles International Trophy in Aarau. The team from the home club Aarau defeated the strong Hungarian double with former World runners up Ildiko Szekeres and György Nagy in a hartbeat final. The Swiss were trailing 5:8 in the last end, when they managed to score three points and force an extra end. At the end of the game, a measure almost on the button had to decide about the winner and the Swiss stone was some millimeters closer to the center of the house. The 3rd place was conquered by the second hungarian team with former world championsDorottya Palancsa and Zolt Kiss, while Latvia with Jelena Rudzite and Janis Rudzitis crowned their solid performance with the 4th place. The 12 participating teams from Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia and Switzerland provided excellent sport and promotion for this attractive curling discipline.

Mixed Doubles is an Olympic sport!

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed that Mixed Doubles Curling has been approved as an additional event at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Korea. 

Speaking of the announcement, World Curling Federation (WCF) President Kate Caithness said: “We are absolutely delighted with this news. Our athletes have showcased this exciting and dynamic alternative to traditional team curling at our World Mixed Doubles Championships for many years now and we’re thrilled that their progress has been rewarded by the IOC’s decision.”

The WCF will now progress with finalising the qualification process for the Mixed Doubles event at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Details will be announced at the upcoming World Curling Congress taking place in Belgrade, Serbia between 2-5 September 2015. The next edition of the World Mixed Doubles Championship will take place in Karlstad, Sweden between 16 and 23 April 2016.

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